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Principal Staff

Ron Karlen, Fire Chief

The Marysville Fire Department was established in 1851, making it the second oldest fire service west of the Mississippi River. The department is responsible for responding to a variety of emergencies within the City and in the neighboring Hallwood/D10 unincorporated areas, including structure fires, vegetation fires, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents and hazardous material incidents. The department also conducts fire safety inspections of commercial businesses, public education and fire prevention activities. After an 18 year break during which the City contracted with the state for manpower to staff the department, the Marysville Fire Department was re-established on July 1, 2015. In addition to paid staff, the department makes use of an active volunteer group of 12 firefighters.

Marysville Fire Department proudly….

serves the city of Marysville and the unincorporated areas of Hallwood and District 10. The district covers approximately 85 square miles with one fire station, 14 pieces of equipment, 11 full time personnel and 12 reserve members.

The department works a 48/96 shift from one station to respond to all calls for service. Annual call volume has averaged 3,000 to 3,500 calls since July of 2015. Over 80% of the calls are for Emergency Medical Services. Specialized apparatus includes; a 105 foot Aerial Quint, a 3,000 gallon Water Tender, and a Hazardous Material Response vehicle which is shared between Yuba and Sutter County.

The department is active in local Mutual Aid agreements and receives and provides Mutual Aid to all area departments. We are also participants in the Statewide Mutual Aid Plan and have deployed as part of local agency Strike Teams on various incidents throughout California and Nevada since 2016.

We are active in various working groups including the Yuba-Sutter Hazardous Materials Team (YSHMRT), The Yuba-Sutter Training Officers, and the Yuba College Fire Academy. We also participate in the Firefighter Intern Programs at the three area academies, where we provide apprentice level training for newly trained firefighters to complete their Firefighter One experience requirements for certification.

In 1851

A group of citizens, business owners and operators formed the Eureka Engine Company No. 1. Funding for the enterprise came from membership dues, fines and fundraising. Almost every property- or business-owner was either an active or inactive member. If you were a member, the fire company would respond if your property caught fire; non-members could not be assured of a response.

As the town grew, other fire companies began to form by gathering groups of men together and, by donations and subscriptions, purchased minimal amounts of firefighting equipment.

August 15, 1853

Eureka Engine Company #1 legally organized as the fire department for the City of Marysville by writing a constitution and bylaws and filing them at the state capital in Sacramento, thereby becoming the second fire department to legally organize in California. Fifteen months earlier, San Francisco's fire department had become the first in the state.

The Eureka Engine Company #1 prospered and was building an impressive inventory of modern firefighting equipment. They were also building a reputation for their ability to contain and extinguish fires. In part, this was because equipment was staged throughout the community, rather than in just one location, as with other fire companies.

August 7, 1861

City Council advised Eureka Engine Company #1 that, due to the rapid growth of the city and sporadic response in areas of the community not covered by EEC #1, the City would take over responsibility for fire protection. A long, heated discussion between City Council and the governing board of the fire company ensued.

May 6, 1865

A name change was filed at the state capital and, from that point on, the company was known as the Marysville Fire Department. The majority of founders and charter members of the Eureka Engine Company #1, having been removed from decision-making in the department, soon resigned.

The department remained a volunteer company for the next thirteen years. The documentary records from that period about the department available today are limited and deal mostly with a large turnover of volunteers, resulting in a loss of experienced firefighters and a certain amount of chaos at fire scenes.

Business Fire Inspections

All businesses in Marysville are required to meet, and be inspected annually for, fire and life safety requirements adopted by the State of California and City of Marysville. All state-regulated buildings--schools, adult care facilities, child care facilities, apartments and hotels--are also inspected annually.

New businesses pay a fire inspection fee when they obtain their business license from the City. At the time of opening, businesses are to set up an initial inspection with the fire department. This inspection is to help prevent fires in the first place, and to ensure that the operation of the business and the building housing it will be safe for employees, patrons and fire department personnel in the unfortunate event of a life safety emergency.

After the initial inspection and completion of all needed repairs, each business will be placed on an annual inspection cycle. We encourage all businesses to review the Self-Inspection Form, downloadable at right. It contains general information on what the fire department requires from businesses in order to comply with life safety standards.

Other Information Your Business May Need to Know

Depending on type of business and the operations being conducted on-site, some of the following will be useful for you to be aware of:

  • Operational Permits

    Operational Permits are required by the state fire marshal for all operations that increase risk for residents and workers. A list of the types of permits required and the associated fees is in the current fee schedule

  • Plans Review

    Plans must be submitted to both the fire department and the building department for new construction or modifications that increase space over 3,000 or change the building use. Plans will normally be reviewed within 15 days if they do not have to be evaluated by an outside contractor. See the current fee schedule for specific costs for your project

  • Hazardous Materials Storage

    Marysville Fire Department coordinates hazardous materials inspections with Yuba County’s Office of Environmental Health. Each business using hazardous materials must file a Hazardous Materials Business Plan with Yuba County. For current requirements, please consult the latest edition of the California Fire Code. If you wish to discuss your specific situation, please contact Yuba County Environmental Health/CUPA at (530)749-5450. [Go to the CUPA website]

  • Pre-Fire Plans

    Some facilities are required by the fire code to provide the fire department a pre-fire plan to assist us in mitigating emergencies at your business. These plans help us develop strategies to ensure your employees are evacuated quickly and your business will be able to reopen with minimal delay if you have an incident. Please contact our office at 741-6622 so we can provide the information to include in your plan.

Residential Fire Inspections

While the Marysville Fire Department doesn’t conduct existing single-family residential fire inspections, we encourage all residents to keep fire safety a number one priority in their homes.

Use the link at right to download your copy of the Home Fire Safety Checklist. The list contains some of the major hazards that too often lead to fires and fire-related deaths in homes. Please use this checklist and work with your family to help reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home. Remember, your family's safety begins with you!

Weed Abatement

All property owners in Marysville are required to manage weeds and other vegetation so as not to create a fire hazard. Weeds must be no longer than six inches and dry vegetation must be cleared at least 20 feet from the nearest structure. The fire department conducts precautionary patrols each year in late spring/early summer. Property owners not in compliance will be given an enforcement notice and a period of time to correct the issue.

As part of our life-safety commitment to the community, the Marysville Fire Department takes its responsibility seriously to educate the residents of Marysville, Hallwood, and District 10. We have a range of learning opportunities designed for adults and children.

For Children

Our goal is to meet and introduce every child in our community annually to age-appropriate curriculum. Topics by age include the following:

  • Kindergarten to 2nd Grade: Introduces children to basic fire safety, firefighter recognition and E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills In The Home)
  • 3rd to 5th Grade: Fire safety; stay low and go; stop, drop and roll; and firefighter tools and their various jobs
  • Fire station tours for your group can be arranged by calling (530) 741-6622

For Adults

Special presentations are available for your homeowners group, senior living facility or service club meeting. Contact our office at 741-6622 to schedule your presentation. Plus, we would love to see you at our scheduled public events:

Open House

Please join us for our annual Open House on the first Saturday in October to kick off Fire Prevention Week. Pick up fire safety information, learn about the history of our department, use a fire extinguisher, watch a “Jaws of Life” vehicle extrication demonstration, and check out a station tour.

Health and Safety Day

Please join us on the last Saturday in April for an informative day with area law enforcement, emergency medical services personnel and Rideout Hospital staff. Get a blood pressure screening, learn about healthy eating trends, and other health and safety information.