City Manager’s Office

Office Location

526 C Street
Marysville, California 95901

Tel: (530) 749-3901
Fax: (530) 749-3992

The City Manager provides leadership and supervision to the organization to carry out the policies and priorities of the City Council in the most effective and efficient manner for the benefit of the community. The City Manager is responsible for preparation of the City's annual Operating and Capital Investments Budget, personnel matters, contracts administration and Council agenda preparation. The Manager works closely with the City Council to address policy and program issues and to respond to community concerns. The City Manager works closely with the Community Development and Services Department to help ensure that new and expanding businesses in Marysville find a helping hand and a business-friendly climate at City Hall.

"Bounce Back" Initiative

Marysville is on the move, planning for its future. The centerpiece of the community's rejuvenation effort is the Bounce Back Initiative. Leading this community-wide effort was a group of 12 local residents and business owners who guided the development of a detailed plan of action to reinvigorate five target commercial districts in the city. Upon its completion, it was unanimously adopted by the City Council, along with a First Year Action Plan.

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