City Clerk

Office Location

526 C Street
Marysville, California 95901

Tel: (530) 749-3901
Fax: (530) 749-3992

The City Clerk maintains the public’s records, administers the records retention program, posts the City Council agenda, prepares the minutes of City Council meetings, distributes the City Council meeting packets, updates and maintains the Marysville Municipal Code and the Administrative Code and all the supporting City ordinances and Council resolutions, and coordinates Marysville municipal elections. Contact the City Clerk’s office to request a copy of a public record, to volunteer for a City Committee, or to inquire about the procedure for being elected to the City Council.

Municipal Elections

The next regularly-scheduled municipal election will be held on November 6, 2018. At that election, two seats on the Marysville City Council will be up for election. The regular nomination period for the Marysville City Council will open on Monday, July 16, 2018, and will continue until Friday, August 10, 2018. If an incumbent does not file nomination papers during the regular nomination period, the nomination period will be extended until Wednesday, August 15, 2018, for candidates other than the incumbent City Councilmember(s). Please note that papers to run for Council cannot be taken out until the nomination period is open. For more information about running for City Council, contact Marysville City Clerk Billie Fangman. Results of previous elections can be found on the Yuba County Elections website.

Marysville Municipal Code

The Municipal Code is the compilation of laws passed by City Council, governing allowable activities within the city limits of Marysville. Violations of the Municipal Code carry fines and/or imprisonment. The Municipal Code also contains the city Charter passed by voters of Marysville.

Marysville Administrative Code

The Administrative Code is the compilation of policies and procedures governing how city officials and employees are expected to conduct the business of the City. Violations of the Administrative Code do not carry fines or imprisonment, but may result in disciplinary action and other sanctions.

For Public Records Requests, please contact the City Clerk at (530) 749-3901.