Administrative Services

Office Location

526 C Street
Marysville, California 95901

Tel: (530) 749-3903
Fax: (530) 749-3992

Principal Staff

Administrative Services Director

Jennifer Styczynski
Senior Accountant

Kristy Herbert
Finance/Personnel Technician

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for directing the City's budget and financial management services, including compiling the annual Operating and Capital Investments Budget for the City Manager, long-range revenue forecasting, debt management, treasury functions, payroll, and accounting and reporting activities. The department also manages the City's personnel and human resources services, risk management and claims against the City, and the disposition of all remaining outstanding obligations of the former Redevelopment Agency, after its dissolution in 2012.

Business License

Individuals and companies that conduct business within the city limits of Marysville are required to have a valid business license, issued each year. Business licenses can be picked up in person at City Hall, or download and mail the appropriate application form below.

Other Licenses & Fees

  • Dog License Application INSTRUCTIONS:
    1. Complete the license application
    2. Attach copy of current rabies certificate
    3. Attach copy of veterinarian's certificate re: spay/neuter, if applicable
    4. $6 annually for altered animal; $24 for non-altered
    5. Payable by cash or check
  • City Fee Schedule

Traffic & Parking Fines

You must respond to a Notice of Parking Violation within 21 days of issuance by paying the fine amount due, or by contesting the Notice. You may mail the amount due or bring your payment to the Administrative Services Department in City Hall, 526 C Street, Marysville, CA 95901.

If you wish to contest a Notice of Parking Violation, you must appear in person at the address above within 21 days and complete the form "Contest a Notice of Parking/Registration Citation."

If you have received a parking citation that can be corrected, the correction must first be certified at the address above or at the Marysville Police Department within 21 days. The fine amount will then be reduced to the amount indicated on the citation, which must be paid within the same 21 days of issuance of the date of the original Notice of Parking Violation.

DO NOT DELAY. Whichever action you take, please be sure you act within 21 days of the issuance of the Notice of Violation or additional penalties will apply.

Successor Agency

With the actions of the State of California to dissolve redevelopment agencies in early 2012, the process of closing out the agency, disposing of assets, and handling remaining obligations of the agency is the joint responsibility of an Oversight Board and the City Council, acting as the Successor Agency.  News, documents and meeting information for both bodies will be available here.

Purchasing and Procurement

Contracting Opportunities

All construction projects and professional services required by the City are generally procured by competitive process leading to a contract. The following bids or requests for proposals are currently being sought.

  • RFP—Parks & Open Space Master Planning Study — Release Pending. Please check back.

Other Purchasing

The City buys goods and services on the open market, according to provisions of the Marysville Administrative Code (MAC).

There are currently no City jobs available

City application forms can be downloaded and mailed or filed electronically, but must be received by the indicated closing date shown for an available position.